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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (05.21.2019)


Latest PECL Releases:parallel 1.0.1 - Fix #42 parallelrun will choose wrong thread for scheduling Fix #41 buffered channel could not be drained after close Fix #40 class in FQN stops stubs being generated gRPC 1.21.0RC1 - gRPC C Core 1.21 uptake parallel 1.0.0 - Caching improvements - Channel comparison (==) fixed - Debug handler added for Channel - Debug handler for Future (just shows runtime) - Fix copying of interned strings - Object support - Functional API for parallelRuntime swoole 4.3.4 Fixed --- * Fixed SSL certificate configuration failure (#2573) (@twose) * Fixed onReceive callback null pointer (#2568) (@twose) * Fixed ssl->ciphers null pointer (#2553) (@matyhtf) * Fixed document_root can't be a relative path (#2513) (@windrunner) * Fixed HTTP proxy that does not need to handshake (16ea176f) (@matyhtf)

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